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Update Window Coverings on Budget

Think outside the placemat-er, box

Valences can add depth and beauty to your window coverings, but they can be costly. Have a set of placemats you love, but that don’t match your dining room d├ęcor? Consider repurposing them as a valence! With a little crafting, you can take your placemats and attach them to your window hardware for a unique and effective window valence.

Personalize it

A popular trend in today’s design includes handwritten text-whether bold, printed words or scripty cursive, adding some writing can give a unique window look, perfect for libraries, bedrooms, or anyplace that can use a touch of personalization. Best of all, this technique works great with simple fabrics-many people have written song lyrics, poems, or inspirational quotes on simple dropcloths for a unique and elegant look.

Pages of valence

Another great tip for the book lover in your life, this unique valence is simple, fun, and inexpensive. Take apart an old book, lightly crumple the pages, and run a ribbon through the center. Bunch the pages together and string across your window opening for a valence that tells a story.

Add some nature

One area that homeowners often overlook when trying to create a window covering on a budget is the hardware. The rods, fasteners, and pull chains of your dreams may be beyond the reach of your budget-but you can get creative and thrifty! If you live in a wooded area, a reclaimed branch may make the perfect addition to your window. Make sure to choose something sturdy, clean, and free of bugs.