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Interior and Exterior Shutters


Some people opt for interior installation at windows. This decorating choice offers a variety of benefits.

– In the closed position, you should notice significant insulation from both heat and cooling loss. This covering also prevents the sun from shining directly in through the glass. This can keep the house cooler, and it can also reduce fading on flooring and furniture. This choice in window treatment often works more effectively as insulation than other options such as blinds or curtains. Many homeowners notice a sizable reduction in heating and cooling costs after installation.

– It’s possible to set the louvres, so they allow outside air to enter a room without allowing sun and heat in. As the sun moves throughout the day, continue to adjust the louvres to allow as much light in as you desire. Similar adjustments are not possible with curtains. Wood blinds may offer similar adjustment ability; however, blinds will not offer the same insulation properties.

– Choose to keep one open and the other closed if you wish. These unique options offer more flexibility because each side operates independently of the other.

– Cleanliness can be an important advantage. With curtains or drapes, the fabric will accumulate dust over time. People with allergies or asthma may experience significant health issues if this happens. However, shutter cleaning is fast and easy. Simply wipe a damp cloth over the surfaces to remove dust and other allergens.

– Durability is a definite plus. This covering will stay beautiful and in excellent condition for many years. These materials will not wear in the same way that fabric curtains or vinyl blinds would. Many companies offer solid warranties, also.


With shutters on the exterior of a home, you will likely experience a number of important benefits.

– In a closed position, you will immediately have complete protection from people trying to peer in through your windows.

– In the closed position, you can also protect the glass from inclement weather such as high winds.

– Many people notice a significant insulation factor with exterior shutters. Your home will have protection from both cold and hot temperatures. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that between 10 and 15 percent of a home’s total energy floats effortlessly out through the windows. The U. S. Department of Energy estimates that as much as 25 percent of a total heating bill occurs from heat loss through windows. You can stop some of this air from flowing by installing shutters over the glass.