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Install Wheelchair Ramp

If you want to provide wheelchair access, a low threshold can make things much easier. The threshold, and the fact that it is raised, is essentially what makes getting wheelchairs through a door difficult (along with any steps that may be present leading up to the door). A low threshold means less of an obstacle to overcome, making the whole process easier. Because they do not have to rise as high, ramps for a low threshold can be less steep, and this makes wheelchair access easier. It also allows them to potentially be shorter, which can be useful where space is limited. This is especially useful when installing a ramp on the indoor side, where small entrance halls or simply the practicalities of putting a ramp in an indoor space can make things difficult.

Sadly, lowering the threshold is not always an easy thing to do. It may require professional assistance. For example, where the door frame is an issue you might have to have a new door installed along with a new frame that provides a lowed threshold. There are a number of specialist low threshold UPVC front doors on the market which are useful for exactly this reason.

Lower steps are useful for the same reason as lower thresholds. Wheelchairs will need to overcome any steps that lead up to the door as well as the threshold. Lower steps make for easier wheelchair access by presenting less of an obstacle, and allow for shorter or more gently-sloping ramps. This applies to your doorstep as well as to any other steps or stairs that lead to your front door.

This is a more involved and potentially expensive job than lowering your threshold through the installation of a new, low-threshold front door. However, if your current situation does not allow for practical wheelchair access without lowering your doorstep or other steps, most building professionals will be able to help.