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Double Glazing

Double glazing is the most popular choice and comprises of two panes of glass which have a slight gap between them. This gap is filled with a gas. These windows come with a range of benefits which will be listed below. Then there is triple paned glass. Triple paned glass is three panes, between each pane is filled with a gas. Triple paned are not as common as double glazing and while they provide benefits in exceptionally cold or hot climates, most homes will find they benefit more from the double pane.

The benefits of double glazing include the fact that it helps you enjoy a more energy efficient home. The gas fill between the panes of glass acts as insulation, which reduces the risk of the warm air leaving the home in winter and allowing the cold air in. At the same time it provides the same during summer, keeping cool air in and reducing the risk of the warm air getting in. This means that your central heating or your air conditioning is not working over time. These windows and doors can help to improve the energy efficiency of the home considerably.

The next benefit you will find with double glazings that the condensation you experience is limited. When it is really cold outside, it’s not uncommon for condensation to form on the inside of the windows, this condensation is water and will run down and eventually form mould or even rot wooden window frames. These products reduce the risk of condensation and while some condensation may occur, it is very limited and can easily be wiped away with confidence with a dry cloth.

Anyone who lives on a busy road will find that double glazing acts as a wonderful sound barrier. By closing your windows and doors, you can block out street noise considerably, something you would not achieve had you chosen single paned windows. This is exceptionally useful in apartment buildings where neighbours can be noisy.

You will find that double glazing provides you with added security over single paned windows. The double windows are stronger and more durable and not as easy to break. This can make it harder for anyone who is thinking of breaking a window to gain access to your home, in turn it can provide you with added confidence and peace of mind that your home is secure at all times.