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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Update Window Coverings on Budget

Think outside the placemat-er, box

Valences can add depth and beauty to your window coverings, but they can be costly. Have a set of placemats you love, but that don’t match your dining room décor? Consider repurposing them as a valence! With a little crafting, you can take your placemats and attach them to your window hardware for a unique and effective window valence.

Personalize it

A popular trend in today’s design includes handwritten text-whether bold, printed words or scripty cursive, adding some writing can give a unique window look, perfect for libraries, bedrooms, or anyplace that can use a touch of personalization. Best of all, this technique works great with simple fabrics-many people have written song lyrics, poems, or inspirational quotes on simple dropcloths for a unique and elegant look.

Pages of valence

Another great tip for the book lover in your life, this unique valence is simple, fun, and inexpensive. Take apart an old book, lightly crumple the pages, and run a ribbon through the center. Bunch the pages together and string across your window opening for a valence that tells a story.

Add some nature

One area that homeowners often overlook when trying to create a window covering on a budget is the hardware. The rods, fasteners, and pull chains of your dreams may be beyond the reach of your budget-but you can get creative and thrifty! If you live in a wooded area, a reclaimed branch may make the perfect addition to your window. Make sure to choose something sturdy, clean, and free of bugs.

Make Home Quieter Place

Cut down on noisemakers- Consider buying quiet appliances for your home including house fans, kitchen appliances etc. Buying quiet appliances is even more beneficial if they are to be kept nearby living or sleeping areas. Maintenance of existing appliances is also an important part of the equation. If you find something unusual, get it checked or repaired by the technician as soon as possible.

Use sound absorbing materials- The material that helps to reduce and absorbing the unwanted sound are something that every house owner would love to have. There are a lot of things that will work as a barrier that reflects and absorbs the noise entering your house. These acoustic barriers are quite helpful in minimizing the outdoor noises and absorbing the interior sounds. Ensure getting a spec sheet prepared by the tradesman so that you can check and approve it before its installation.

Install sound blocking doors- The largest opening in a house is its doorway. And a lot of sounds enters from this way. Thus, it is better to install weatherstrip or solid doors to effectively block the unwanted sound rays entering your house. The solid doors are quite expensive because of their thickness and are also available in a broader selection of elegant designs.

Weatherstrip interior doors- The actual sound doesn’t come through the door, it comes around the hollow spaces left between the doors. Thus, it is beneficial to install weatherstripping or door soundproofing to seal that space using adhesive-backed high-density foam tape. This will block the noise coming from outside.

Cleaning Wood Exterior Doors

The first task is to take a look at the type of door you have and the amount of dirt and grime you need to get rid of. For both the preparation and the cleaning, you may only need some of the supplies here. For certain types of door, or depending on the task in hand, you may need them all.

To prepare your door for cleaning, any of the following equipment may be required: a vacuum with a hose and brush attachment, paper towels or soft rags, a feather duster, a small artist’s paintbrush, a step-ladder, and a broom.

For the cleaning step of the process, we may need any of the following: soft rags and soft sponges, a commercial wood cleaner such as Murphy’s Oil Soap, a homemade cleaning solution of dish soap, one teaspoon of baking soda, and four cups of hot water, glass cleaner (newspapers make a good cleaning rag that won’t leave streaks on glass), commercial metal cleaner or hot soapy water for metal door fixtures, and oil for use on hinges.

Use a commercial product or the homemade mixture for cleaning wood exterior doors without paint. For doors with paint, use the homemade solution; don’t use Murphy’s Oil Soap.

Before you can actually clean your wood exterior doors, you’ll need to get rid of the dust and dirt that has accumulated on it.

Open the door and start at the top of the door frame, using the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner everywhere possible. Then dust with paper towels, rags, or a feather duster in the places the vacuum cleaner couldn’t reach.

Dust the entire door frame and door from top to bottom, and use this time to inspect the door for stains and damage. Use the little paintbrush to get into any cracks.

Finally, sweep up the entryway, inside and out.

All about Roof Cleaning

You should first remove any loose debris on the roof to see if there are any stubborn stains that must be addressed. You can remove this debris and leaves by using a soft bristled broom but it must be strong enough to push or sweep the stuff off the edge of the roof. It should not be too stiff because it could damage the roof shingles.

After removing the loose debris and leaves start to loosen any grime or dirt that is attached firmly to the roof. The best way to accomplish this is to soak the roof completely using a water hose. After soaking for five to ten minutes the stuck on dirt and grime should be loosened enough for you to remove easier. You can again use the broom to do this task. If there are still some grime or dirt that is caked on you may need to use some roof cleaning chemicals. There are cleaning chemicals that are formulated to work with certain types of roofs so make sure that you get the one formulated for the type of roof you have. Using the right one will help you remove any stubborn dirt or grime without harming the roof.